Jo: Janet my love (You and an Double Daim is keeping me alive)
Yeah that’s sexy sexy sexy sexy!
U lift me!
When you hear some feedback you go and take it higher!
So, here we go:

SJ you SUCK. Last week the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm took 6 hours instead of 3! THAT is NOT OK. Today you were supposed to bring me back to Gothenburg in time for my flight to London. What happened? The train stopped in FLODA (don’t ask me where Floda is situated, all I know is that it costs 565 SEK with a taxi from Floda to Järntorget).
I didn’t miss my flight (I’m sitting on it now) but instead of eating a juicy fresh micro biotic chicken salad with a gingercarrotapple juice I had a Daim and a Ramlösa. Its 11pm Swedish time, I have been awake and working since 455am, I’m on a Daim sugar high and I don’t expect the coming down to bee sweet and smooth. In fact, I feel sorry for those around me in an hour or two…

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