Leaving on a JET Plane

Jo: The alarm will go of 455am tomorrow and I will stroll to the train, enjoying a fresh breakfast on my way to Stockholm, do a great job there, perhaps eat lunch at YogaYama and then mix some music on the train back to Gothenburg. Arriving back in Gbg at 615pm, strolling to my apartment in Haga to change clothes, pick up my Londoner Suitcase, stroll back to the train station where the Airport Bus leaves at 730pm.

What do you think about that?!

Or: I could wake up to late, RUN to the train, have no time to buy breakfast, having to eat the old, dry sandwiches from the trains deli, feeling tired while trying to look fresh, have no one to eat lunch with, running out of batteries on the train back, Running to my apt only to find out that I just missed the Airport Bus with 3min and the flight attendants (after taking a cab) won't allow me to bring my yoga mat as hand luggage!

Hmm, I’ll think I'll go with the first version - Lets Visualize it :) And ad some self-hypnosis to that as well, yeas bam thank you mam!

Who creates your reality?

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Rob said...

Nice pic! Rishikesh? Good luck with your trips to STH and LON. Sounds to me that you are a bit nervous :).