Rock n Roll in Helsinki


JO: Welcome to Helsinki! The first words that came out of my mouth in this country were:
JAJ ELSKER DEJ, (ask MO about it later).
Other than that I can't complain. We stay at THE hotel right in the middle of the capital, MAX MARA is outside the entrence and the bathroom is full of goodiebaggs (KORRES, a fab Greek spa lable I found in London last year yummy).
Next, I'll order a ASTRO pillow (or maybe Corn or SteadyBody, what do you think?) plug in my red lable Ipod and go to sleep with my Good Morning Yoga class playlist in my ears. In 6hours I will be teaching it at the NIKE convention, SHANTI SHANTI :)

MO: Ohhhh, sometimes life is so fair and so lovely! With Jo in the beautiful designer hotel GLO, we´re so excited about our room, the wireless speaker to which we have already attached Jo´s brilliantly red iPod and not to forget: the cuddly white tiger that were waiting for us on our double bed... Yes, we know-we did get funny looks from the (male) receptionist who could not stop drooling when we checked in and asked for a double room instead of two single rooms... "...and that will be a double room with twin beds, madam, or?...." "...whatever you have free, we shared a double bed last weekend. Didn´t we, honey?" As I glanced over at Jo with a smile, the man behind the counter almost wet his pants... well, well. Anyway, Jo was to busy to notice since she was ogling the elevators, thinking about Danish dynamite. ;)
It being 1.19 am in the morning is not a good sign, since we´re getting picked up at 7.30am. I´m too excited about Jo´s brand, spankingly new iBook to go to bed, actually. Glad I left my laptop at home so I got the opportunity to try this one out. Neat. Miss P. Will dream sweet dreams and get excited about being off work next weekend... Now off to bed. We will rock Helsinki tomorrow! x

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