Run, baby, run

Mo: Woke up at 9.30 this morning... Felt like I had been hit by a truck, or like I was severely hung over. (Like in those days - yeeeaars ago - when Å and I used to finish ourselves and the night off with a Long Island Iced tea at 3am - how could I or anyone else EVER think that that was a great idea???? - and then be surprised about waking up with the hang over of the year...)
Anyway, had breakfast, checked my business mail, pondered over a few decisions and - BAAMH!-there it was-at 11.30am: wasn´t I supposed to be somewhere at 10am???? I WAS supposed to be somewhere at 10: my hairdresser´s...
Thankfully we go way back, so when I called her - to tell the truth, nonetheless - I forgot my appointment - she laughed it off and rescheduled for Wednesday...THANK you! This is the same woman who told me I would have to find a new hairdresser (after about 10 yrs together) if I tried to force her to put a perm in my hair (yes, yes, it was a spur of the moment idea a couple of years ago when "romantic, soft, sexy curls" came back big time and I wondered - mustn´t perms have improved since 1981??? They hadn´t.)

Anyway, loved my run in the forest and the following lunch from the brilliant new place A&O. Tried their chicken-thingie today and found it a bit more filling than the thing from the sea, which is a good thing for me. About half way through the lunch I remembered that there should be a picture taken...so here we go...

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