Luleå rocks!

Mo: I am so sorry I haven´t been with you for a couple of days! Travelled to Luleå yesterday and Thursday was just made trying to organize the last details before the start of our Functional Tour...

Today we hit Luleå... We offered 5 different classes: Core, kettlebell, Stability ball, Spinning and Yoga + 1 lecture. People came from all over Norrland to join us. It was awesome. I´m so inspired working with Mango. The whole man is a source of inspiration when he moves, when he teaches and when he talks...

The people seemed happy and the day flew past! 

Thanks a bunch to Daniel and Marko who gave us a lift from Luleå to Umeå. It saved us from 41/2 h on the bus and took us to our beautiful designer hotel Hotell Aveny in no time at all. 

Now we´re recovering in our room with Häagen-Dasz Macadamia Nut brittle, chocolate (Mango) and salt candy(me)-therapy. Life is so bloody wonderful sometimes. 

Ps. Even Mango considered giving up Schlager for 2 seconds after tonight´s final.

Tomorrow we´ll see what Umeå has to offer. Nitenite.

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