Off to bed - now!

JO: Good night Helsinki! Or almost, first I need to pack my bag (why is it that you leave with soo much more stuff?) Monika is again coaching me in the language of LOVE, was I droped behind the wagon as a child or what happend?! And then I'm mentally preparing for my YogaTranceDance and AfroPowerDance which I am looking forward to, I really am but right now I would love to crawl underneath the gorgeous duvet and fantasize :) But I am not complaining, never! Today was wicked. The yogis in my class was on fire and then I taught a TEAM AFRO with Johannes my gorgeous Växjö dancing king :) I'll tell you more about that 2morrow. Now over to my FAB MO, what would I ever do without her! Ahhhh

MO: I´m happy that I brought a big bag with (relatively) little luggage (-who the heck am I fooling???) If there´s something I´ve learnt and fine tuned during the years of travelling, it´s the "throw-it-all-in-and-wish-for-the-best-approach"-to packing. Fab. Almost always works. (Unless you are going to London or NY-then, just buy a new bag...). Had a great dinner with lovely chats to both Ida and Per. Great people always make the weekend go faster... :)
During my yoga class this afternoon people seemed happy and although the sequencing was quite demanding at times, it felt as if it went down well.
I have 2 spinning classes tomorrow and I cannot wait to be on the bike. First class will be interval based and the second is a Race. Bring it on! Hope the weather will be nice on Monday so I can go out running. From sneakers, to high heels and muddy running tracks, MOJO deals with it all! :)
It´s my utter most duty to fall asleep before 1am tonight.... (actually I´m going to blame Jo, if we´re not asleep before then...;)) "JO, you are sleepy.." "....Jo, you are deeply relaxed..." What was it Mango did again? Hide under the duvet? Or did he put the duvet over her head??? I´d better ask him until next time.... *lol* Jo, I love you babes, we are awesome together. I cannot wait to see what things this blog will bring out in the open.... nitenite. x

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