RUN Forrest, RUN

Mo: There are things that just cannot be explained. One of those things is the rush you get from running.

I used to hate it. I´m not kidding. It was something that I could never see myself doing on a regular basis - and I´ve always been an active person - but running never seemed to get me, if you know what I mean?

How sick am I then, when I decide that Adventure racing might be my thing? Adventure racing that a lot of the time consists of mountain biking, kayaking and...orienteering. Which means running. Long distances. In the forest. In the mountains. In the rain. In the cold.

I did it. But I still hated it.

After 3 years of racing I stopped. It was too time consuming and too bloody expensive. Especially for the happy-go-lucky-amateur-level I was at.

I put my running shoes away and didn´t think I would ever need them again.

Less than a year later I was a 40-60min/2-3 times a week girl... What changed?! I´m not sure, but I think since my day job has to do with indoor training and group fitness, I was missing "me-time" and I was missing the outdoors. Or I was just getting older and more mature... A big part of me think it´s because I´m so incredibly stubborn and pig-headed, that I decided: "Damn it, I´ll keep on going until I like it!"

So I did, and now it´s just a part of who I am. I am a runner.
The rush, the calm, the quiet and the endorphins... too good to live without.

Mo´s top 3 reasons to go running:

  1. It gets you outside
  2. It´s free
  3. People who run are better in bed


Magnus said...

Offtopic but anyway.. are you ready for the Italian Stallion?

Copy and paste the link,


Old-school, oh yeah;) Mozzarella here we come!


mojo said...

Ohhh... scary stuff!
Hope your class rocked on Tuesday? I´m sure it did! :)

Magnus said...


Jag byter till svenska. Det var grymt kul-det blir så mycket energi! Det var andra gången vi körde ihop. Johan som spelade congas är en kille med öppet sinne och tycker det är kul att byta jazzscenen mot annan miljö ibland. Vill du ha en duktig percussionist till event eller dyligt så förmedelar jag gärna kontakten.

Jag är dessvärre bortrest i helgen annars hade jag gärna varit med i helgen på minimilleniet. Hoppas man får ta del av lite bilder här eller på Facebook senare.

Ha det gott och lycka till i helgen,

kram M