The day of the creamy bun

Mo: Very often I realize what a privileged life I´m living. I get to work with my big passion and interest: training, health and wellness. I meet phenomenal people from all over the world and I have full veto over my own professional life. How many people out there have feelings of anxiety every Monday morning? How many people cannot wait until the week is over and then just sleep or party themselves through the weekend? How is it possible to live like that year after year? Where is the zest for life, the passion and the life energy in that?
Last week I did a modeling job for one of Sweden´s largest office furniture producers. Even when I sat there in different make belief offices in my black suit trousers, my ironed white shirt and the obligatory cardigan (only the pearls where missing...) did I shiver... No wonder people call in sick, pop "happy-pills", have office affairs, fight for more holidays and count the hours until it´s over....

A normal person spends more time at work than with people they love, or with their hobbies/interests. We stay in jobs we hate to afford to consume more, travel away from home (read work) more often or to save more money in different pension schemes... What do we think will happen "later"? Be brave, ask yourself if what you work with make you laugh, smile, live more often than it makes you feel tired, passive and down...Only you hold the key. Life is short, Life is wonderful, Life is now.

This month´s MUST according to Mo:

My wheelie warmer! (or in Swedish: "rattmuff" - one of my favourite words ever!)

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