Home sweet home....

Mo: Home is where the heart is... Tired, with tyre truck-like bags under my eyes. It´s recovery time, and tomorrow morning the phone will be off until 10am at least... Thanks sis for dinner and sis´s husband for the laughs at his expense (photos pf him in leggings and ballet outfit doing ballet style jumps/turns and pliés from stag night).
Thanks Jo for love and spirit this weekend and thanks Finland for being a good sport! More fit than I thought, service with a smile and great fun! Now it´s time for fruit salad. Someone told us this blog needs more sex, because sex sells.... well, just you wait.... ;)

Ps. Thanks Mango for sending the link from the Move ya day in Hungary! (How did you find that page???) (...and is that really how scary I look when I teach???...see pic number 3)


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