Secret fetish

Mo: I have to admit to a secret fetish... It´s something I´m not proud of, but it´s like an addiction that gets worse with the years. I try to be discreet about it. I even try to hide it, but to no avail...

...every time I´m in a supermarket, I cannot help but to stare into other people´s baskets/trolleys to see what they are buying...

It´s a type of voyeurism that really gets me going... it´s like: "Show me what kind of food you shop for and I´ll tell you what kind of person you are..."

It never fails to surprise me how much pre-cooked and processed food people actually buy! In my local ICA-supermarket, they have even re-arranged the delicatessen in a way that the pre-cooked food is given the no 1 slot right in the middle, with about 3 times the space as the salami/ham/turkey.

Are we that short of time these days that most people only take the time to cook dinner at the weekend? (...if even then...)

If the food that we put into our system is there to fuel our bodies and give us the energy to keep on going at neck breaking speed - how can we expect "dead" food to do that (and with dead, I mean food that was prepared days ago and then re-heated/micro wave dinners and processed food)?

Do I judge people from what they buy? Hell, yeah! If I was single and saw a cute guy in the supermarket and he was there to buy canned ham, 1 minute noodles, ketchup, 1 micro wave dinner and a packet of fags, I would be so not interested.
Just like people stare with disgust at my own food shopping, which mainly consists of ecological greens and vegetables, fish, oatmeal-products, eggs, butter, bread and the occasional bag of KRAV-labeled crisps.

It´s easy to hate the slim bitch with the politically correct grocery shopping...

Me, I´ll just keep on staring back. Or rather, back at their trolley.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's simply human nature but I believe, even though we don't think of it or moreso even admit it, that we judge people on a daily basis. Unintentional for sure but still unavoidable.

I look in other peoples basket and trolleys too, can't help myself.

mojo said...

I´m so pleased I´m not alone... :)
Thanks for making me feel less weird.