Save the planet

The book of the century?

"Buy this book for everyone you know: If it makes them join the fight to stop the seemingly inexorable six degrees of warming and mass death, it might just save their lives."

"An apocalyptic primer of what to expect as the world heats up...it´sobering stuff and shaming, too. Despite its sound scientific background, the book resembles one of theose vivid medieval paintings depicting sinners getting their just deserts."

Extracts below are taken from the book SIX DEGREES written by Mark Lynas
ISBN 978-1-4262-0213-1

"By the end of this century, the planet will heat up between 1.4degrees and 5.8degrees Celsius, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Six degrees may not sound like much, but as this sobering, engrossing, up-to the minute book warns, a six -degree rise in Earths´s average temperature would be enough to reshape our world almost beyond recognition."

"...some species may survive by migrating, but countless others are doomed to extinction unless decisive action is taken right now. "

"...whole countries will disappear as their people become refugees. By the year 2100, great swaths of New York, London, Bombay and Shanghai may be flooded."

"...denial is a way for people to resolve the dissonance caused by new information that may challenge deeply held views or cherished patterns of behavior...(it´s the) same mental faculty that smokers use to pretend to themselves that they won´t die early, or that mountain climbers scaling Everest use to imagine themselves invulnerable even as they pass the frozen bodies of previous mountaineers who have died on the very same path..."

Mo: Read it. Buy it for your family, your best friend, your spouse. Spread the word.

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