Boycott Schlager and supernatural powers

Mo: It was such a long time ago that I had a weekend off at home that I cannot seem to remember what "normal" people do during their free time? I´m hoping to spend the next two days catching up with a few things at home (tidying the office, changing a few light bulbs, going to the re-cycling place etc), having dinner with friends and hang out with P.

Saturday will be spent trying to avoid the "Schlager-fever" that has hit Sweden over the last few days. It´s like mass hypnosis! How is it possible that people want to buy into this money making machine year after year?

Were Schlager goes in - sanity and taste seems to be going out!

Unless you are 12yrs old, above 70yrs old or gay (yes, ALL my beloved Swedish gay friends LOVE the Schlager festival... every single one of them...one of them even declined a free gourmet dinner on Saturday night because it´s Schlager night - the first of about one zillion...)-there is no way to enjoy this charade of publicity hungry Swedish "stars"!

It´s "The emperor´s new clothes"-phenomena

So I guess what I´ll ACTUALLY be doing this weekend is to avoid false singing and bad clothing... wish me luck! :)

Supernatural talents my friends possess, chapter 1:

"Långe-Robban" ("Very-tall-Robban") 201cm tall, holds the Swedish National Silver Medal in free-diving. He can hold his breath for

6min 03 sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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good looking man...... :-)