Ipod My Love

Jo: Just got my new Ipod Classic 160GB jihooo!
I ordered it on Apple Store because it is so easy and you get to engrave a text on the back of it. On my Nano it says: Thoughts Become Things so on this new Black one I thought that it should say: Etadapi Gamishyati Fuck the Pain away but as I continued my order a new window popped up saying: Inappropriate message text!!!! WHAT??!!!

Don't we live in a world with the right to speak our mind, nonetheless, to write what ever the f..ck we want on our own private Ipods? I was in shock! I mean, I never ever use the F-word, but I love the song with the title F..ck the pain away. And it makes me feel a bit crazy, almost naughty if you know what I mean. I wanted to write a letter to Apple, explaining that I, a very sincere Yoga Teacher never ever use the F-word but for a change I would like to have it engraved on my new Ipod, it kind of makes me feel alive, present, and awake!

What do you think? Shall a write them an e-mail, or perhaps call them?

This is what my new Black Beauty looks like now:

Good thing I'm creative :)

Now the only thing remaining is: How the F..ck do you download your DVDs into the freakin' Ipod??!!


Wish me luck (or help me)

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