Pony orgasm

Mo: I visited the Wellness fair in Gothenburg today. Me and Jo had talked about going there tomorrow, but I am so late with some of the stuff for Saturday, I just have to have the afternoon off for work. (Ehhh, that sounded more strange than it was meant to...)

First of all Mango and I had to look for the entrance for about 10minutes. It´s never a good sign when they don´t use the main entrance for an expo. It means that the area for the exhibitors will be s.m.a.l.l. - and...it was.

Swedes are getting more obese. The number of sick people staying home from work is increasing. Last year sick leave cost this country 101 billion SEK (an updated number which I got from a colleague today). And what do you get at "...the sold out top event for wellness..." (the marketing departament´s desperate way of selling the expo in today´s paper)???

Well, short of crystals, fortune tellers and body levitations, it was the usual suspects. Companies trying to sell you products, some machines (one wonderfully, obscure thing formed as a saddle with a wiggling part - it looked a bit like the electronic ponies that they have in supermarkets for children - put 10kr inside and it starts to shake-but without the actual pony part...I just wish that there had been a line with grey, old women queuing up to this thing, because then I would have understood the point.... a free orgasm hiding in an exercise machine! Ohhh, it would have sold itself!!!!!), food, fitness centers, weight loss clubs, insurance companies, massage tables, etc.

Is this were we´re at 2008 with wellness in Sweden? No wonder we are one of the world´s richest, sickest countries...

My saving grace was the fact that Maria´s phenomenal Dermanord was there and I didn´t have to travel out all the way to Västra Frölunda to buy their products at the warehouse. (Don´t forget, this is the girl who thinks Majorna is the suburbs...yes, I know, don´t even mention it...)
Anyone who hasn´t tried Dermanord´s Shower and Bath oil aromatherapy eucalyptus, should order it now! Use it as an after sun, on your chest when you got a cold, to the premier for the sexy, shimmering look, in the shower, before bed...anytime, anywhere and it will give you that glowing, wonderful shine.
I ended up buying Dermanord products for 1.000:-. I should be sponsored.

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