NIKE Helsinki Day 1

Mo: So after having stayed up more than half the night I must say that the self-hypnosis did work! Wasn´t half as tired as I suspected to be, but still decided to take the opportunity to grab a later lift to the convention centre... (after convention no 598 you learn how to conserve energy for the day...)
Arrived around 10.30am and had a little walk around. The event is held in the side halls of the athletics stadion in Helsinki. Not always practical, but cool. It was lovely to see everybody! Åsa, Robert (who had to do a last minute stand in for Mark), Per, Johannes (whom I haven´t seen for years) Jessica and Balasz. I really wanted to take one of the dance classes ("...Fame... I wanna live foooreeeever!.....", but it never worked out, unfortunately. Had a radio interview at 12.00 with a local radio station. The program/station(?) is called YLE and a lovely woman called Katja did the interview in (perfect) Swedish... glad I didn´t have to listen to my own voice, since that is about as traumatic as free diving with the big white....

Jez, MUST take a shower now, b4 dinner....I´ll be back!

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mail said...

Thank you girls for a great day at the Convention!!
I have bookmarked this page now ;)