What's LOVE got to do with it

Live a Limitless Life

Have you asked yourself the question today, what do I need today?

What is my heart longing for?

What am I afraid of?

What am I stressed about or hating about myself or my life?

Often, we are afraid and without even realizing we automatically do things to cover up these feelings before even considering them as very important keys to uncovering our life's purpose. Our goal in life is not to avoid feeling fear or heartache ever again; the goal, I believe, is to experience these feelings and to use them to uncover limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. We can then use the power of awareness to surrender them. If we don't recognize that we have fear, or that we are sad or lonely, and only rush to numb these feelings with food, alcohol, shopping, getting angry, sleeping, or overworking or whatever else. Instead of having a breakthrough, learning a lesson, or acting lovingly and courageously, we only feed the unconscious behaviors that keep us exactly where we feel we no longer want to be. These habits and behaviors quickly become our way of life, and we barely even notice that what at first was a choice has now become a habit. A habit over which we feel powerless. So often, it gets to the point that we don't think we can stop overeating, biting our nails, smoking, drinking, hating or overworking ourselves. The truth is that of course we can, but we will then have to deal with the feelings we tried to escape in the first place. We will have to be willing to feel the hunger, the sadness, the fear, the heartbreak. We will have to learn to be with discomfort in order to be free.

Our unwillingness to be with discomfort is obvious: at the slightest hunger pang, we rush to eat, though our hunger will rarely be satiated with food. The empty hole in the pit of our stomach might be a longing for something else, which we misinterpret for physical hunger. When we are unwilling to really feel and investigate ourselves, we take up mindless habits to divert our attention from our pain with a quick fix, but that quick fix often holds us back from feeling wholly powerful, beautiful, free, in love, and at peace.

I think it is very important to understand this point: our heart will get broken, and we will experience fear, loss and failure. This is all part of life, but the perspective we choose to adopt is what enables us to feel free and empowered, or victimized and powerless.

So now what? Do we just hang out and resign ourselves to the fact that life is hard and then we die?

I think a powerful perspective is to embrace that life is all things and that the range of emotions we feel willingly helps us stay awake, empowered, alive and enthusiastic about all that is possible. We can choose to remember that the emotions we feel contain messages, which urge us to uncover the real messages in our soul. We must remember that there is not one person on this earth who knows what we are here to offer and what gift we possess to give to the world; the only way we can find that answer is by following our heart, uncovering our passion, and feeling our fear. Can we learn to embrace the heartache of loss like a gift, and move through it, instead of trying to run away from it? If so, we can continue to grow in the awareness of who we are and why we are here.

For those of us who choose to live life mindfully, with the awareness that our purpose is to live life as a warrior, willing to accept full responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes and actions, and to align them with the intention to live our best life: a life of service, a life we love in a body we love. No one says this path is easy and I don't think it ever was meant to be. Those of us who work out regularly know that an easy workout will not produce the stronger body we are looking for, and we can learn to look at any challenge the same way. The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward.

In the name of love we bow to each other.

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