Makes Me Wanna Smile

JO: After waking up at 6am, brushing my teeth, drinking a spirulina smoothie and meditating on my bed, I went to Hagabadet to teach CORE45min. I am amazed by people’s determination and will to energetically exercise at 7am in the morning. Wow, we had a blast together (the yummy breakfast at Hagabadet after is the perfect reward and can sometimes be the motivation to actually get out of bed even though the sun won't get up until several hours later :) As I sat down in my office (read in front of my MacBook in my One room apt.) with some chai I found this e-mail in my inbox: (can you get a better start?)

I distinctly remember the conversation, Johanna. We were having triple-chocolate, brownie fudgesicles, listening to Beethoven's "Fifth" before he even was Beethoven, overlooking the galaxy, when you mentioned how neat you thought it would be to one day have dreams you didn't know you'd inevitably manifest, to have challenges you didn't know you'd inevitably conquer, and to have friends you didn't know you'd inevitably meet.

And as I leaned forward in total awe, all agog, wanting to learn more of your genius and courage, I almost fainted when you added, "And should it ever appear as if I could use your help, before I even begin helping myself, back-off or you'll ruin everything."
You memory-maker you,

Or, Johanna, were we listening to DJ Khalid's "We Takin' Over," before he even was DJ Khalid?

The Universe

Okay, okay, I now that some of you might think that it is a bit cheesy and corny. Yes I do now that they just insert my name in the text and that there are thousands of people around the world who get the exact same e-mail BUT I don't care! I LOVE IT, it makes me smile, it is so NOT Swedish (read JANTELAGEN) and it makes me think YEEEEES for the rest of my day!

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