Back on the road...

Mo: I´m leaving for Crete in a couple of hours... the bag is packed (well, things have randomly been thrown into the suitcase...). Yoga mat, sunscreen lotion, sun glasses, contact lenses, 5 bikinis and the camera have all been ticked off the list. I´ll find out exactly what I have forgotten in the next couple of days, I´m sure.

Read more about Triopetra, where the retreat is held, on http://www.astanga.gr/triopetra/

I´m delighted that Crete is not a shopping destination. My shopping ban is still in full effect. I had a VIP-invitation to the Fornarina sample sale yesterday and I managed not to go...(although the thought of not going got me to break out in a sweat at 4 o´clock - the time when the sale started).

Wish me luck with the Monk. I´ll keep you posted (well at least every other day, anyway). See you in 2 weeks!

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