Questions to the Universe

Mo: Is it age-related-bad-memory-syndrome or am I just fantastically good at focusing on only one thing at a time, when I turn the cooker on - leaving the frying pan sitting on the highest temperature - and then when I sit in front of the computer dictating a really important work email - realize in a panic (15-20 minutes later) that my kitchen is almost on fire?

Is it sound thinking when I speed along the "Allén" at 90km/h (where the speed limit is 50km/h) and by chance have to slow down because some slow-driving-moron is blocking the way and I, because of this,
just miss out on being caught for speeding and a) do not loose my driving license and b) do not get fined 5000SEK - and after this incident actually consider it 5000SEK earned - to be spent on shoes, a new dress and maybe a cute new bracelet?

Is it typically Mo, Swedish (or even European) to think it is a highly weird thing to see the following sticker on the sliding doors to a cinema complex (in, not surprisingly, the US):

As you may gather, I was not allowed inside.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!! I know what you can spend those 5000 on!! Check out the page www.kyssjohanna.se. My favorites are "One of a kind" ang "Dogeared". Cool bracelets for cool girls!
Love Malin G.

mojo said...

Thank you! It´s actually nice to be back. :)

What a GREAT site-thanks so much for sharing it with MOJO!

I immediately fell for CC Skye and Dillon Roger - One of a kind/Dogeared were also awesome! Have you bought something from there already? I saw the company is based in GBG, do you know who runs it?

Hope to see you sooooooon!

(...and CONGRATS on the new place! Looking forward to this summers´s BBQs!...)

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
I don´t know anything about kyssjohanna, just ended up on the site "by accident". Dillon Rogers is cool! I have a bracelet from them that i bought years ago at Twist and Tango.

Yes, let´s meet up soon! Pray for a BBQ summer! (Right now i am on a serious utemöbler mission :-))

Hugs MG.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!
I do the EXACT same thing as you with the missing out on a speeding ticket situation. I do it all the time. Good to hear that i have someone who knows what I mean. Mango doesn't get me at all.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Mojo and Rob.
It´s impossible to EARN money (??????) like that.

I also know that Peter is on my side so let the game begin.


mojo said...

Well, I read somewhere that according to the laws of the universe: if you spend money - you receive money!

(...I damn well hope that that´s true, because otherwise I´m quite buggered right now... :))