Getting my MOJO back...

Mo: Sometimes when I return back from travelling I feel like a mushroom. Spongy.
It´s like the flow has been broken. Especially if I had a particularly good flow before I left.

It could be work that gets affected, it could be training, it could be friendships and not so many years ago it could also have affected my relationship. Whether the travelling happens through work or for personal pleasure, it is a disruption.

When you are overworked, tired of the pouring rain and you just can´t wait for a break, then that disruption is more than welcome. It can really get your juices flowing for when you come back - full of creativity and life energy. But if you were already feeling quite great just before you left, it can take days, sometimes even weeks, before you get your mojo back.

My answer is not to stay at home. Travelling is a huge part of my every day life.

I try to deal with this confusion and break of the flow as fast as possible: Just do the things that you try to put on hold - the stuff that´s so easy to leave for tomorrow, because tomorrow might feel like a better day... No matter how boring and mundane these things might seem, they are the key to get you back on track.

That´s why today has been spent answering work emails, paying bills, booking work meetings, chasing people over the phone, cleaning my desk from old crap and other stuff that just seem to take ages... and tomorrow is another day... a day for getting my mojo back.

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