Some days can just be like that... Do you know what I mean? When you just want to stick your tongue out, make an ugly face and go "uuuuuuuueeeeeeee" to something or someone...

Like yesterday when I get down to the laundry room (during MY laundry time) and find that someone has unloaded my laundry into a dirty basket, stuck their own clothes in the machine and written a note: "Who is Björn?" + left an aggressive comment on the laundry booking sheet.
The MORON even left a note with his name and phone number. (And I would SO love to publish both his name and number here so that dear MOJO readers could call him at 4am in the morning, just to go "MORON!!!!". Luckily, I´m not that long-sighted. By the way, his name consists of three letters and begins with Ö and ends with ST).

The phone conversation went something like this:

me: Are you the person who unloaded my laundry in the laundry room?
him: (angrily) Who do you lodge with? Are you Björn?
me: I don´t lodge with anyone. We live in the house in our OWN apartament.
him: (pissed off)..oh, so your surname is Björn then?
me: Yes, it is, and you would have known that if you had bothered to check the names at the main door before you unloaded my laundry in a dirty basket.
him: (interrupting) ...well, I was so pissed off with the lodgers in this house, they always put their first names down on the laundry booking list and you never have any idea who they are....and last time I got so MAD, and....
me: (thinking: this guy is not very well in his head. Ehhh, doesn´t a lodger have the right to do the laundry if he or she has booked? Does it really MATTER if you book your laundry time with your first name or your last name? Booked is booked, right???) saying: well, it wasn´t a very nice thing to do, unloading my laundry, during my laundry time and then leave an angry note...
him: ..(very fast and mumbling) I guess I´m sorry then, BUT I didn´t unload your laundry...
me: So who did? It was outside the machine when I came downstairs and it was put in a dirty basket - which didn´t belong to me...
him: (interrupting again) That basket belongs to the house! You haven´t lived here long have you?
me: (thinking: what the hell does that have to do with things?!) 1 year actually
him: Well, that´s NOT long. Most of us have lived in the house for at least 5 years! And the basket belongs to the house!!!! It´s a property of everyone who lives here!
me: (thinking: ooookey)
him: (in the "I´m helping YOU out here"-voice)...well, you can empty the machine and just put my laundry outside since I have the laundry slot after you.
me: Yes, I will. I´m hanging up now, bye.

The laundry room is the by far worst culprit in causing aggression between neighbours, sometimes even violence... Heck, I´m not surprised.

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