This is the only question worth asking according to Nietzsche!

The first person I talked to in India told me this.
After hiding in my hotel room until noon I gathered courage to go out and face the busy streets of New Delhi. I walked and walked and walked.

After 8 hours of walking I decided to sit down (I took the “safe” option and choose “THE COFFEE HOUSE” in Coughnout Place, recomended by Lonely Planet : ).
There I meet this wicked old Irish fellow who walked EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE!!
He was just about to walk into the dessert of India to watch the famous Camel Fair in Pushkar. We clicked and shared many things (I told him more about myself then I’ve ever dared to tell anyone before, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the sweet chai?).
He showed me how to use the underground, how to drink Black Coffee from Kerala and after that I never saw him again.

But he will always be with me, and his voice when he tells me:

The only question worth asking yourself is: WHY DON’T YOU KILL YOURSELF?

N. is on his way to the 10day VIPASSANA retreat in Sweden. I did it in Dharmkot, in the Himalayas, and then a second time in Sweden.

I envy him!

I guess that India thought me The Art of Dying, which in a sense is The Art of Living!


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