Too Fat, Can't Fly

Honey I'm HOME

Jo: After a succesfull day in Tallinn I flew to Helsinki. Landed and crashed in my hotel room (which was very comfy by the way!). I ponderd over if I should head down to the Sauna land but then I found a LINGONBERRY BUBBLEBATH bottle in my bathroom and that was it, I was stuck in the bathtube for the rest of the evening!

Firday: I sleept in, enjoyde a BIG hotelbreakfast MO style :). Did some work for JIRA and Hagabadet before I took a cab to Lauttasaari Liikuntakeskus (a fitness club where I was booked to teach a BODYJAM guest calss). As I arrived the club looked at me as if I was from another planet. -What, no. No bodyjam class! They had totally missed that I was coming. Being a pro I adapted to the situation so instead of teaching my class at 5pm I participated in the BALL class and then at 7pm I tought my BODYJAM class (there were 2 participants, and one of them was the teacher of the orig class. This must have been THE MOST EXPENSIVE FITNESS CLASS/per participant in this clubs history, well well). Lets not even talk about the BALL class... heppaheppadiscosteppa... its started 20min late, exercises from outer space in a pumped up tempo out of this world, all taught in Finish!

One thing I liked about this gym: (See below)
A nicelly desigend, functional machine that lets you do pretty much anything!

Saturday: Teaching LesMills Quarterlies again! A beautiful tirbe of Finish instructurs I must say:)


Found my favvoritue shop! This boutiqe makes me soo HAPPY. I feel like a.... hmm... don't know but if the previous generation collected Strindberg, Piccasso, Klimt, then our generation collect Plastic Bears, Hello Kitty and MobilePhone Stickres from Japan! I LOVE IT!

Strolled down to Stockmann, a must! Love their flowers and food section!

Susanna from the Finnish LesMills Team picced me up in her PIMP car and we drove to Tampere. I not only the only Swede in Tampere, but I was THE ONLY PERSON Hejjandes på SVERIGE woowawa, SVERIGE wowwawwa! It was a hard night. The swedish flag went DOWN! Did anther round of classes early in the morning and then jumped on the train to Helsinki.

I could barelly hold up the ticket to the ticketman, I was in a thousand little pieces :)

After about 4 flights, 2 train rides, 1 Pimped Car ride, and several several Taxi journeys later I was on my way home!

At tha airport I decided to step out of my Box! I SHOPED!!!! And not just shoping, shoping! I stronglly belive in balancing your YIN and YANG so after a work/fitness longweekend like this I Balanced it up with 2L AbsolutVodkaVanilla, 2L AbsolutVodkaRasberry, 1L Captain Morgan Gin, 2 boxes of Fazer Delux Choclate, ! pack of Fresh Tranbär, 1 Pack of fresh Hjortron and some beautytuttifrutty!
The only thing is that I'm not used to buying alcohol så I was bumping the bottles into every seat, every, door all the way through the Swedish Tull! Oops! Never ever ask me to smuggla kokain anywhere, I can hardly bring 100% legall Buze across the boarder :)


ART from KAISMA (my favv Museeum),

This little loover is Mr CINNAMONROLL
I carried him all the way through the streets of Helsinki!
The two of us aren't just your ordinary HEROES ;)

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