Tell me WHY..I don't like MONDAYS...Tell me why...

I usually LOVE Mondays, but this Monday is not such a Monday!

U know the feeling when it is realy really hard to stay in the present. I am already imagining the coming days, the coming weeks, the coming month and it all forms into a big snowball (like the snowball effect u know. Faster, faster and faster and I can’t stop it!).

Isn’t it weird or funny how your entire apartment, your desk, your drawers, even your neighbors entrance is as tidy as ever when you have that THING you have to finish (like for example din deklaration). All of the sudden you have 15 lunchboxes with home made bread. I mean what’s up with that?

So if you see me running away as “Monday” takes a quick nap, please tell him when he wakes up that you have NO IDEA what hole I went down!


Ps. By the way, DAVID GUETTA rocks my world!!!

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