A Criminal

Mo I am so so sorry!

Jo: I thought that I would have time to buy new nail polish at the airport but I got lost at Arlanda (Terminal 5 is a really long way away).

I will never ever forget the time when I had lunch with Mo a sunny day and complimented her on her nails; they were sweet apricot and dazzling to her skin color. I asked her:
- Do you have the same beautiful color on your toes?

She looked at me as if I was sent from outer space. I looked back not knowing what GRAND misstake I just did!

She answered me in a very focused voice:

- NO! You never ever, ever paint both your toenails and fingernail (do you say fingernails? Our conversation was in Swedish) in ONE color! NEVER!

I am so so sorry Mo!
Since that day, I have NEVER painted all 20 nails in one color, but now I am in Helsinki, in a Hotel room, all by myself and I was bored!

Can you forgive me?!


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