Without passing GO

Mo: Anyone who owns up to breeding a son with a totally meaningless, bored expression in his face, dressed in brown Gucci loafers, worn with narrow navy slacks and a Fendi-belt, hair in a long greasy back slick, sporting a small pot belly whilst smoking extra thin, extra long cigarettes between his thumb and his forefinger??? Age: between 16-18. (Famous for high fiving his facial hair free friend in a similar outfit, wishing to look, I don´t know...street???)

If you know this BOY, please extract him from my local coffee place immediately and send him by DHL to GULAG, Siberia without passing "GO".

(Or I will have to smack his sorry ass next time I see him and shout "BOOO" really loudly, just to have the pleasure to see him pee his pants and plead for his life...)

What´s wrong with the world today? Does anyone actually WANT their offspring to look and act that WET? God damn it, I´m glad I´m not 17 again.


Helena said...

Haha...underbart inlägg M! Vi har några här i Sthlm också...kanske flyttar hem till Dalarna ändå så att man slipper dem!? :)

mojo said...

...it really makes my skin crawl seeing these boys...and what´s worse are the insecure, heavily made-up baby girls who trots around with them (read:behind them) carrying their self-esteem around in the latest Hermès, Louis Vuitton (or in worst case, Gucci-) bag.

That´s when I realize that equality between the sexes in this segment of the population went on holiday.

At least in Dalarna we would all feel safe in a war! ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh no.. you have given me nightmares now! You know that boy... could be my new neighbour...! or O´s future boyfriend!!!!..... or Charlie in a couple of years!!!! AAaah! but at least C won´t be able to have a backslick (after the age of 20 ;-))