WE R FAMILY, wanna join?

Leaving on a JETPLANE so so early in the morning! Don’t know if I’ll be back again!

Jo: NO just Kidding, I love my Gothenburg. But with this wicked schedule I might lose myself on the way :)

Thursday – Les Mills Quarterlies Master Classes in Tallinn (flying to Helsinki from there).
Friday – Guest teaching Les Mills Classes in Helsinki
Saturday – Les Mills Quarterlies Master Classes (driving to Tammerfors)
Sunday - Les Mills Quarterlies Master Classes (train back t Helsinki, flying back to Gbg)

I have just finished learning the new programs and they are wicked. These kinds of deadlines (i.e. learning the new programs) and trips come with a “Positive Externality” (this is: * A beekeeper keeps the bees for their honey. A side effect or externality associated with his activity is the pollination of surrounding crops by the bees. The value generated by the pollination may be more important than the value of the harvested honey. Get it?)

My Positive externalities are:

  • My apartment is as tidy as ever
  • I have done all my laundry
  • I have freshly baked bread (which I have to put in the freezer now)
  • I have like 10 matlådor (since I can’t leave food in the fridge, I decided that I either had to eat it or cook it, I did both : )
  • I have paid ALL my bills
  • I have erased all OLD e-mails
  • I have “fräschat upp” my Facebook page from all the unnecessary applications and friends
  • I have counted all my EUROS
  • I have bought new meditation cushions
  • I have charged my Camera, Mobile Phone, computer, Ipod,
  • Am about to paint my nails
  • Have answered all OLD “hang around” e-mails
  • Have erased all “this is a quite sms, I must keep it” sms
  • And the night is still young ☺

I have found these great pics online! I love them!
Which one are YOU?
Please please let me know!

Soy and David, all small good things come in great packages :)

Hmm, no names.....

Ohh so QT! PETITE, this must be MANGO :)

Bror? e de du?

Robert, Wish you all the luck on Göteborgsvarvet!
Let loose! Go Go Go

ME, at the moment! Hoppandes, skuttandes, lurandes, Meet the new Jo, the PUMA (still sponserd by NIKE though!)


mojo said...

Jo, babes, take them by storm!

I will think about you and miss you much during my loooong stay in Crete.

Keep MOJO:ing from the Eastern-tour and I´ll be online at least every other day, trying to blog... :)

Fingers crossed for my Monks-experience!

Luv you!

Bror said...

Hur kommer det sig att jag blev en mesig bofinksretreiver och du blev en häftig ekorrepuma?

Har du antagit min utmaning??

Robert said...

What am I?

Thank Jo! I’m exited about the race. “Alla ska med” as our former prime minister used to say. I was counting on your support on Övre Husargatan. That’s where the race gets really nasty and all you which for is a hot babe to give you an energy boost. Next year we will run together! Ok?

...but, there is always a but, I might not be that flattered to me compared with a Siberian husky with an elephant nose!

...but, there is always a second but (butts!?), if this is a Ganesha-wolf I’m very flattered and pleased with the comparison.

So, what am I, a DOG (with a giant nose) or a GOD?

Take care in the east! I’m looking forward to see you among the flowers when you get back.