Emergency Exit

This is my back up plan the coming weeks!

Jo: I am truly exited though!

Today and tomorrow I am teaching an AFRO POWER DANCE foundation training here in Gothenburg. Sportlife is stepping into the game. I love this class. The choreography is very simple, repetitive, and the moves are large, organic which makes the class itself an amazing workout for body, mind and soul.

2night helping MixMegapol to celebrate 20 years!

2morrow (Friday) my favorite boys are raising the energy in this city. First the amazing Navid Modiri (whom I’ll soon be doing yoga, meditation and coffee with : ). He is performing with his COBRA CHARLIE project at the World Cultural Museum (my former workplace). If you haven’t been there, Friday is a perfect opportunity, 20timmars festival!
After Navid’s gig I will be heading THE party at Trädgårn. HED KANDI! The guys arranging it never stop amazing me. Yesterday they took on FORZA at Hagabadet and as I was prepared to go to bed they shouted: -See u in the gym! Right on guys!

Saturday is Dance Camp and the HED KANDI boys (who by the way keep me updated in the NIGHT TIME Activities sector) told me about some wicked DJ playing at Park Lane. But before that it is the MIXED MARTIAL ARTS thingi where I might be running around show the SCORE!

Sunday: Big event with Hagabadet in Slottsskogen together with VOLVO. U can join us in “SÖMN Tältet” where I will be teaching you: WAKE UP, ENERGY BOOST and DYNAMIC MEDITATION, oh yeah!

Mon-Wed Yoga Teacher Training

On Thursday I start my Baltic Tour. I will be teaching Body Balance 41 and Body Jam 45 (right now I am trying to get the “house double/single tap” hahah). Les Mills is a fantastic concept with X clubs around the world, X people doing their classes every week so it is an honor to be representing this amazing concept!
I love the TaiChi warm up and the Pilates in the new Body Balance release. It is also a very very Sexy release : ) Gandalf who is the Program Director of Body Jam is a wicked dude. I met him for the first time in Sthlm last year. Must say that Body Jam 45 is the HOTTEST release so far!

23-25 May we have Workout Åre where I will be teaching my Les Mills classes + my Speedy Gonzales Core class in addition to a brand new HERE I AM class (oh this one is good)

30 May I will bring it to Gothenburg as Hagabadet goes Oriental! I will teach my HERE I AM class. This time to live music played by Navid Modiri + Povel Ohlsson. After the class we will step out onto the sun terrace, playing music, sipping on coconut drinks and eating juicy oriental food al nightlong.

But on the 31st of May I need to be in Malmö – presenting Body Balance and Body Jam

I will celebrate a challenging but successful month at SÖNDAGSKLUBBEN (again my TENDER IS THE NIGHT boys sweet club)!!!

My question to you:

Where will you join me and when do you bet that I will need to drink these six cans of cola?


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