Police, police, potato pig...

My (eco-friendly) car...

Mo: ...eh, it doesn´t actually sound as good in English as it does in Swedish, does it? What is it with me, speeding, the police and slow cars in front???

This morning when I flew out from the city in my black Aygo 1l-engine-come-yellow-Lamborghini-in-disguise, I had a car pulling out right in front of me in the fast lane.

I have to practice more yogic thinking in traffic I KNOW, but at the moment I´m not really there, if you know what I mean, so the words that came out of my mouth weren´t really kind, loving and full of compassion... but it got me to slow down and actually pull over to the right lane.

So suddenly I´m sitting there contemplating overtaking the red Mazda on the inside (...and yes, I´m well aware of the traffic rules, but just as much as I can wind myself up concerning slow walking people in the street - yeah, I did join the Facebook group "I want to punch slow walking people in the back of their head" for a short while - I can REALLY HATE cars overtaking me and then sort of "hanging out" in the fast lane! GET OUT OF MY WAY or stay in the RIGHT LANE!).

Then I noticed him. Blue uniform at 4 o´clock. With a walkie-talkie and an ear piece. I watch in my rear mirror how a white motorbike pulls out from the overlay behind me. It has bright pink stripes running along it´s side mirrors. F..CK! What was I doing? 90km on a 70km/h road?

The MC follows me for about 150m.
...and then pulls out to the left, placing himself right behind the red Mazda.

Another 300m and there´s the sign: "POLICE". My eye sight is sh..t poor (excuse my language, but you are allowed to call it that, when you have to order contact lenses at a strength of -11.5! Bet you didn´t even know that the numbers went that high) but funnily enough I could see the blond police woman clearly, stepping out right in front of... the red Mazda, and waving him in!

YIIIIIIIIIHHAAAAAAAAA! That´s what I said yesterday! Money is coming my way!!!!!! I just made another 3-5000SEK today!!!!!!! Just by driving! Isn´t that amazing??? You must admit that that´s amazing! ;)

Sometimes logic defies gravity, (or something like that...)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that laugh Monika! MG

mojo said...

Let´s just say I kept the speed limit for at least 5 whole minutes after that!!!

...and I HAVE refrained myself from any more shopping!

Until September my goal is to live a less commercialized life and recycle what I have. Which in the last few weeks adds up to quite a lot... (Is the word "recycle" even applicable to stuff that´s been used once?...)


Anonymous said...

Well, Mango is right as always...
It's impossible to earn money that way, but as Jay-Z says "difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week".
Today on my way back from lunch I also drove through the same speedtrap and the exact same thing happened to me, only it was a blue volvo that cut me off.
So our combined earnings only by driving there today must be well over 7000 kr?...
U with me Rob?

Anonymous said...

Mo: this was just FAB!!!! Haha!

I must say that that red mazda's grandma was probably stopping the traffic on my way from Denmark to Sweden this weekedn... She was slowing down the left line for aaaaages! I could feel the wrnkles come slowly... and of course cars in the right lane...

But is it that hard to understand that in order to pass a car you need to have a HIGHER speed than the car on the right?? I don't know, is it har dto understand??

Keep up the speed ;-)

mojo said...

Thank you kindly, M.

Yeah, I KNOW - what´s with people just PLACING themselves in the left lane and getting in the way for e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y?

I´m trying to get more patient, though... Road rage rhymes so badly with my (wanted) yogic attitude towards situations like this...

The speeding, however, that will be a tougher nut to crack... :)