Love in a BOX

Mix Megapol yesterday was very MEGA. Had a great time, perhaps a TO great of a time!
Anyhow, the Afro Power Dance training went supa today. It is such a wonderful training to teach! If you have the opportunity to take it I highly recommend it.

After collapsing at home for an hour I am now on my way out again, searching for my squirrel (or not)!

Had a bit of an accident earlier, one of my friends is so tricky; he made me open my mouth and made me say things that weren’t supposed to be said. But hey, this is a very good opportunity to see if he is a VERY GOOD FRIEND or just a friend if you know what I mean ; )

My Pumped up dudes are waiting on Valand, my indie/creative/soulmates are waiting at the WorldCulturalMuseeum and my House Hotties Chickas are waiting at Trädgårn. (you know that I am NOT by any means putting labels on my peeps right!)

Now Gothenburg, get ready to ROCK!

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