GLASSSIGT GlaGlasssssigt!

It has been a fantastic FULL ON Weekend!

Jo: 1. Started of with a GO GREEN event at Hagbadet: Experimental Pilates, Raw food, Spirulina, Eko red wine, all in a soothing flow with dear friends and colleges! Went from there to my soul brother's B-Party. The road to the apartment was covered in balloons, the bath tub filled with ice n beer, the fridge loaded with sparkling champagne, the kitchen layered with home made rhubarb, raspberry, apple, blueberry pies, the hall swam in chips from all corners of the world. There were camps battling in Sing Star, and wicked musicians ripping of everything from Håkan Hellström to Charlotte Perelli. I was standing in the middle of everything, smiling, loving my life, and shooting colorful serpentines at the people I love!

2. A Flea Market marathon running next to a Pilates Marathon! Is it possible to be in two places at the same time? YES IT IS! Kommersen in Gothenburg is… can’t really find the words for it so I’ll give u some situations:

a. It opens at 9am for us, the sellers. At 9.05 I got my table, and started to arrange some old DVD-players, VHS-players, stereos and a TV. At 9.09 there had been 9 diff MEN asking me if I had any watches to sell (what, did they actually expect the blond girl in the dress to open up her NIKE jacket and say: YEEAH, what do you want I got Rolex, Gucci, Breitling, what do you need : ), or perhaps cell phones?!

b. A woman comes along, grabs a T-Shirt, holds it in her hands for 20min, sucking in the smell of it, just to, for another 10min stick her head into it pretending to be invisible?!

c. People would rather buy a half used NIVEA facial cleanser then a DKNY top!

d. At the end of day 1 a woman wants to by a half-full/empty body lotion, she says: 10SEK! I answer: NO 5SEK! She says: NO 10SEK! I say: NO, 5SEK and that’s my last offer!!!

3. The Pilates Marathon at Hagabadet is beautiful, I teach a YogaLates class and my very dear friend Katy Appleton from London is one of my students. She is amazing! I am exhausted, we go for coffee and talks for hours n hours about Prana, Argentinean Tango, doing a retreat in Bali and Ibiza, gossiping about the yoga world, who has the bigger ego, what yogi hooked up with who, etc etc! After that I drag myself to my apartment, jump into bed and spend 4 hours on skype and youtube (Björn gustafsson, Grease, Flash dance, Saturday night fever, Staying Alive, Footloose, Monty Python Olympic, Eddie Izzard…and on and on).

4. A second day at the Flee Market and both Raz and I have overslept (no breakfast today either : ( ...). 2day is slower. We end up giving away all that is left to a STAMMIS at Kommersen, it feels good!

5. THE REWARD! I take my biatch out to the “MOST LIKELY NEVER TO FIND JO” place in town. I feel very outrageous when we order ribs, hamburger and 2 bottles of cider at Hard Rock Café! (First I tell the waitress that I want MEAT, loads of MEAT – she, not knowing me suggests the blabalSTEAK that weighs like half a kilo, hahhah, I go with the FAJITA, that is A LOT OF MEAT to me!). I love doing things that is so far from “you”, if you know what I mean. Take a walk on the wild side honey ; )

6. REWARD n2: ICE CREAM XXL – I can only refer to this amazing clip, watch it and multiply it with 13, then you have me, a Sunday afternoon, high on ICE CREAM! (Thanks soy!)

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