Good naked, BAAAD naked...

A lot of bad naked going around....

Mo: My visit in Crete is soon coming to an end... 3 more days and then it's back to the fab country in the north.

Things I've learned so far during this stay:

- I have found the most incredible yoga mentor, in Mr.Monks
- I have realized that Crete - away from the horrible north coast and the tourist traps - is fantastically beautiful.
- I LOVE meat and will NEVER ever become a vegetarian (actually I knew this one before, it was just reconfirmed).
- I LOVE naked swimming and naked sunbathing - look NO tan lines! - BUT, and here's the thing:
- There is GOOD naked and BAD naked. (An example of BAD naked: naked yoga. Anywhere. Anytime. Any place.) Please observe, it took me more than 5 days of naked behaviour on secluded beaches, before I ended up on a more public, real nudist beach,if you'd like...

...and ALL my prejudices came true. ALL. Nudists on nudist beaches are ugly. Nudists are mostly middle aged to OLD. Nudist are wrinkly and they like to show off their butt cracks,their scrotums, their shaved bollocks and other bits where the sun don't shine! Like, no one lies like THAT on a beach!
And it's all quite gross. But the beach and the water where we went today was second to none, plus now I can say I've done it. Spent an afternoon on a nudist beach. Naked. Trying to look as if I belong....

...Needless to say I'm not too sad if I didn't.

Something else happened today. Something MAJOR. Will tell you all about it on Friday.
Keep posted!


Anonymous said...

Ni kommer hem när vi åker...
Visst är det härligt att simma naken.. i en sjö/hav avskiljd från resten av befolkningen! En gång i tiden var jag ett fan av att solbada naken (så länge man bara kunde hålla tvångsblickarna i styr från Helga och Tage typ 97 miljoner år gamla) tills en dag ett vandrande brunt russin med en igelkott mellan benen svimmade på min inte ont anande lekamen... Huvva!
Hursomhelst så är jag nyfiken på vad det är som hänt så jag hoppas det finns datorer i Turkiet ;-).

Vi ses snart! Kram MG

mojo said...

Åhh, ha det fantastiskt! Ta hand om varandra och njut av ledigheten.

Guuuu, vad jag skrattade åt det bruna russinet!!!! :))))) Vilken skräckupplevelse! :)

Ses snart!

KRAMAR till hela familjen

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at this emo boy one over this blog: