Follow me into the CINEMA....

Jo: I was on a press release of the Movie THE MIST today!
I think it was my first press release of a movie, not sure but quiet confident that it was my LAST!

  • 1. I jumped in a cab after my yoga/meditation classes at Hagabadet, grabbed a coffee and sandwich at Muffins mm. I had FLOW! I was rollin, centered, stretching time, with food and money in my pockets ☺
  • 2. I thought I was on my way to a RomCom movie with my best friends, jihaaa!
  • 3. It was not a RomCom! I was 10min late. Do you know that people who “recenserar” movies do NOT eat popcorn; they might, might Maximum have a coffee in their hand!!!
  • 4. I had a picnic with me!
  • 5. I was late
  • 6. There is no 20min Commercial on a press release, and no traliers … I LOVE the trailers!!! That’s the best part of going to the Cinema!
  • 7. The Mist is based on a Novel by Stephen King… that pretty much says it all!
  • 8. N, who invited me, sat next to me, got ALL my punches, ticks, attacks, tears, nypningar, nagelklor and so on...! He pretty much left the cinema more bruised then the main characters!
  • 9. I CRIED, I SHOUTED in FEAR, I LAUGHED out of …. You know, not knowing what to do when the feeling is too intense!
  • 10. Half way through the movie a man shouted: CAN SOMEONE SHUT THAT GIRL UP!!! Oh my god! He must have been such a STONE HEART, I’m telling you I did try to keep quiet but it was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE, I AM NOT A ROBOT!
  • 11. I am exhausted! I need to drink liters and liters of water to balance my vattenbrist. My body is aching and my heart is torn.
  • 12. The scary part of the movie is not the SUPERNATURAL, but how people can switch, turn and totally loose their rational mind, their compassion, and let the EGO take over. I’m not sure what the worst part would be: - To be inside the supermarket with the byborna or outside in the mist…..
  • 13. THE END….the end….i cannot talk about it yet, I am still in a thousand little pieces!

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