How can you be so damn...not fat?!!

Mo: A lot of people do not believe the amount of food I eat. For almost all my life (except from that spell in my teens, see the thread "Body Beautiful") I have been eating more than most people I know, both men and women - and fast with it too. I LOVE food! Particularly on a day off.

So here goes, "What Mo eats on a day off":

Breakfast/Lunch (after a 5k run)
Half a rainbow trout (the one that M caught in the lake last night!)
1 Omelette - 3 eggs, cheese, peppers and mango chutney
1 smoothie - 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 handful of frozen strawberries, full fat yogurt and 1 table spoon of organic peanut butter.

The rest of what was left of the morning smoothie.

Dinner, see below

2 pieces of spare rib, 1 large piece of pork loin...

1 home made hamburger made from elk meat + 3 fresh potatoes + a huge portion of salad with feta cheese and bulgur...

...followed by 3 home made waffles like the one above - covered in full fat whipped vanilla cream mixed with kesella, topped with fresh strawberries...

...ending with 1/2 cup of coffee and a small piece of mum´s home made cheesecake with raspberries...

As covered before in this blog, I don´t do diet products and I don´t do half-fabricates. I take butter instead of margarine and I believe that fat in your diet makes you as obese as vegetables in your diet makes you go green. I could never become a vegan or a vegetarian, because my whole life would be spent eating, trying to induce the sufficient amount of proteins (not to mention how not social you feel after digesting 2kg of beans...) and fat to not shrink into a bean stalk.
I avoid sugar to the most possible extent and I stopped doing soft drinks all together about 1 year ago.

I eat crisps and ice cream irregularly and once in a while I like to eat some really salt or sour candy, but most of the time (and forgive me for repeating myself) I just love my FOOD!

I truly believe that different people have different inclinations - some of us are more protein and fat prone and others lean more towards carbohydrates. If you take some time to listen to your body and your body´s reactions after you´ve eaten different types of food (ie bloated, sore, tired, drained or energetic, strong, powerful, awake), you will actually instinctively know which type you are.

Great love and food makes the world go round... :)

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